shellfish care

Ever wondered how to keep your shellfish alive out of water? This page will answer all your questions. We’ll provide you with educational tips and insider knowledge as to how you can keep your shellfish in the best condition possible.

Shellfish Care 

How To Properly Store Your Precious Shellfish Cargo

There are different ways to take care of various types of shellfish. If you follow these methods you’ll ensure the shellfish  will maintain its flavor and shelf life to the best extent possible. Just remember, your shellfish  is alive, it’s not dead protein like a fish, and you want to keep it alive until it’s cooked or served.

Whether you’re a commercial distributor or home consumer, you should be holding your shellfish products in a refrigerated environment at 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit. The number one problem in storing shellfish is temperature abuse  (when they’re allowed to get warm) so keep your shellfish cool as this will slow their metabolism and  keep them fresh-tasting longer.

If you’re a home consumer or restaurant, your shellfish may have arrived in a plastic bag. If so, make sure the top of the bag is open or there are holes in the bag to allow the shellfish to breath remember, you’re trying to keep them alive and fresh!

The next important part of the storage equation is ice.

Whether you’re a food service professional, wholesale distributor or home consumer, click the tab below to learn how to  store your shellfish.